Weight Loss Crystal Grid Kit

Weight Loss Crystal Grid Kit
  • Weight Loss Crystal Grid Kit
  • Weight Loss Crystal Grid Kit
  • Weight Loss Crystal Grid Kit

If you find yourself at an unhealthy weight above your ideal weight range this grid will help you curb cravings and increase your metabolism. The products have been carefully selected for you. Each crystal is cleansed with sage and charge under the moon. The products are in a White Tulle Pouch with String Enclosure and Include:

  • 6 Sodalite

The vibrating blue rays of Sodalite chase away fears and encourage self-expression.

  • 2 Rose Quartz 

connects you to your heart chakra making it one of the most powerful crystals for opening your heart to love.

  • 2 Amethyst 

one of the most attractive stones for spiritual guidance. It brings a spiritual light into your world even in times of uncertainty. A dimensional stone.

  • 1 medium rough Apatite point and 6 small Apatite

2 1/2'' x 2'' x 2''
Weight: .57 lb
Origin: Brazil
Apatite has inspirational qualities. A stone of manifestation and it promotes a humanitarian attitude, inclining one towards service. It develops psychic gifts and spiritual attunement, deepens meditation and aids communication. Apatite increases motivation and builds up energy. Induces openness and social ease, encouraging extroversion. It reduces irritability and overcomes emotional fatigue. It releases energy in the base chakra.
Apatite suppresses hunger and raises the metabolic rate encouraging healthy eating habits. A lovely stone with lovely qualities.

  • 4 Carnelian 

Carnelian grounds and anchors you. A stabilizing stone with high energy, it is wonderful for restoring motivation and vitality. Carnelian has the ability to cleanse other stones.

  • 2 Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is the most powerful and healing and energy amplifier on the planet.

  • Flower of Life Crystal Grid Cloth 

to create a powerful crystal grid to manifest your intention. Crystal grid layouts can often be more powerful than using a single stone or crystal as the energy of the crystals, the geometric pattern and your intention all work as one energy towards a common goal.

  • Brief instruction Sheet

22 stones in total 

Legal Disclaimer: Healing kits and stones are not designed to take the place of professional services ie Medical Doctor


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