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  • Healing Crystals to Attract Love

    Healing Crystals to Attract Love
    Healing Crystals are a wonderful way to attract love.  They can be used to help us love ourselves more, to rekindle love, and to attract love.  Holding the crystal and stating our intentions for it will help us achieve our goals.  There are many wonderful healing crystals to attract love, but I am partial to Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Ruby.  They are each so beautiful and nurturing.
  • Healing Crystals to Attract Wealth

    Healing Crystals to Attract Wealth
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little help in attracting wealth?  Sending the right energy into the universe comes back to us in many wonderful ways.  Healing crystals are a wonderful way to attract wealth.  Three crystals have a reputation for attracting wealth and prosperity; Pyrite, Peridot and Citrine. 
  • Healing Crystals for Protection

    Healing Crystals for Protection
    There are times in life when you may find yourself surrounded by negative energies.  Usually they are energies given off by people who either do not wish you well or people who approach life in a negative manner.   It’s so easy to pick up those emotions and allow them to ruin your peace of mind.  Healing crystals can provide protection for your emotional well-being. 
  • Healing Crystals For Anxiety

    Healing Crystals For Anxiety

    Anxiety is one of the most common problems in our modern hectic society.  There is so much pressure to be good-looking, thin, rich and have a fantastic social life.  The reality of life is truly different and that’s where anxiety is created, when we try to live up to false expectations.  When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and anxious, take a deep breath, wiggle your toes and get out your best crystals for anxiety.

    There are many different crystals that are especially adept at reducing anxiety.  These crystals include:  Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Lithium Quartz, and Tourmaline to name a few.  The best way to choose the right crystal for you is to see which stones calls to you.  Depending on what you are anxious about may very well influence the type of crystal you feel drawn too.